School Detention, in the 90s
The birth of Ruthless Kitty
Ruthless Kitty is Born


John White was inspired by his best little buddy, Spanky, and created his first sketch of Ruthless Kitty. Ruthless Kitty became a wildly popular cartoon character, finding his way into almost every detention.

Many years later...
Ruthless Kitty lives on
Making Ruthless Kitty into a Game Begins


John wanted to share his childhood character with his children, and set out to make Ruthless Kitty a playable video game. John created simple, fun and kid-friendly interactive gameplay using Unity, intended solely for his children.

Then the world started changing
The Revolution began
Blockchain, meet Ruthless.


John is all in with the crypto revolution. He invests most of his business interests, financial savings and time into crypto projects. John decides to make his contribution to the crypto community by introducing Ruthless Kitty, the badass we all need and want to be. Ruthless Kitty cares not about the "price" of Bitcoin, market conditions, or what the establishment has to say about blockchain technology. He is here to stay, and remind us all to "Hold the Line..." we got this.

February, 2022 - Character Design
The Revolution began
Bringing Ruthless Kitty to Life


Ruthless Kitty is transformed from 2D renderings into 3D interactive models, using the open-source program, Blender.

May, 2022 - NFT Creation
VR/AR Capable Assets
Three Dimensional Generative Art


The Ruthless Kitty Genesis NFT collection is complete, 3D models, cover images and multiple versions of metadata for compatibility with various blockchains.  

May, 2022 - Game Demo
Let's have some fun!
Made with Unity

The Ruthless Kitty team puts together a fun, playable game demo. The simple 2D scroller includes audio from our in-house composer, Dominic Acello.

NEXT: August, 2022 - Community Building
Twitter and Discord Marketing and Management
Spread the Word


Ruthless Kitty is looking for a blockchain to call home. A Marketing team will be assembled to begin promotion on Twitter and Discord.