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John White

John is the concept designer of Ruthless Kitty™ and is assembling a world-class, elite team of specialists, creating a group of co-founders and contributors to bring Ruthless Kitty to life. John is an attorney and owner of several businesses.

Robert Davidoff

Robert is a blockchain veteran, founder of Bentaus hedge fund and CTO of SwagCheck, a NFT design, development and deployment company, specializing in custom smart contract development & integrations.

Uwe Cerron

Uwe is a very well-respected developer and engineer within the Solana ecosystem. Uwe has been featured in Cointelegraph as a pioneer in Finance and tokenomics. Uwe has designed and deployed successful blockchain platforms.

Victor Zarubin

Victor is a machine learning and AI pioneer. As CEO of VAL Solutions, Victor has developed and integrated sophisticated enterprise solutions at scale. Victor oversees developer relations, integrations and project planning.

Dominic Acello

Dominic is co-founder of Heard Records, a label representing Independent recording artists. Dominic has composed and curated the musical scores and compositions for Ruthless Kitty. Dominic oversees audio productions.


DeFiBoogie is the Social Media, Promotions and Community Manager. DeFiBoogie is actively engaged in the crypto community as a leader and community manager for established crypto projects and communities.


Current partners and collaborators


Bentaus is a hedge fund with a focus on emerging technology. Bentaus is a Ruthless Kitty anchor investor..

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SwagCheck is an innovative NFT development company with a team of seasoned blockchain developers.

Ruthless Kitty

The Ruthless Kitty™ game is being built on Unity. Ruthless Kitty™ is a character created by John White, in his early teenage years. John spent countless hours every week sketching Ruthless Kitty cartoons to share with his childhood friends and classmates. John White founded Soji Media in 2009, with a core focus on web application and scalable data-driven technologies. John started developing the Ruthless Kitty video game in 2017, and has recently assembled a world class tech team to introduce Ruthless Kitty to the robust capabilities of blockchain technology.