What’s Goin On?

Roadmap & Timeline

School Detention, as a Kid
The birth of Ruthless Kitty
Ruthless Kitty is Born

A young boy was inspired by his best little buddy, Spanky, and he created his first sketch of Ruthless Kitty in elementary school. Ruthless Kitty became a popular cartoon strip passed amongst classmates, finding his way into almost every detention.

Many Years Later: Character Design
Character development - Blender
Bringing Ruthless Kitty Back to Life

The little boy grew up, but he longed for Ruthless Kitty to join him in the modern world. Ruthless Kitty was transformed from 2D renderings into 3D interactive models, using the open-source program, Blender.

And Then...The NFT Creation
VR/AR Capable Assets
Three Dimensional Generative Art

The Ruthless Kitty Genesis NFT assets are complete, 3D models, cover images and multiple versions of metadata for compatibility with various blockchains.  

Recently - Game Demo
Let's have some fun!
Made with Unity

The Ruthless Kitty team puts together a fun, playable and simple game demo. The simple 2D scroller includes audio from our in-house composer, Dominic Acello.

NOW - Community Building
Zealy and Galxe communities
Spread the Word

Ruthless Kitty is putting together a community of ruthless kitties to bring this feral feline hero to successful launch. We've got some great talent already, a deal with a AAA game studio to deliver a fantastic P2E game, and some of the finest minds in crypto pitching in. Interested in joining the fun. Join our community to become part of the journey.

Happening Right Now..
Tokenomics Modeling

We have collaborated with GriGon.xyz to provide expert tokenomics engineering and design, audits, and mathematical modeling with computer simulations. The objective is to maintain stability and performance, with a focus on sustainability and growth.

Token Launch
Community Pre-Sale

An offering to community and early adopters.

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