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Information and Instructions Below

Information and Instructions

Why are we launching our presale on SolPad? SolPad stands as a decentralized launchpad and staking ecosystem, purpose-built on the Solana network. This innovative platform strives to simplify the process of project launches, smart contract creation and deployment, and secure token staking. SolPad will give Ruthless Kitty a good bit of exposure to introduce the project to early project investors in the space.

For a comprehensive guide on connecting your wallet to SolPad, please see their documentation: SOLPAD DOCS

Recommended Wallet

Phantom Wallet: Make sure you have the phantom wallet installed in your browser or on your phone. Official Site with Download Links

You’re going to want to have Solana ($SOL) in your wallet in order to purchase Ruthless Kitty ($RK) tokens at presale. You can purchase Solana on any exchange, such as, and withdraw them (send from Coinbase) to your phantom wallet address (Receive).  You may also purchase Solana directly from your phantom wallet.

Phantom Wallet - How to Receive Solana

To receive Solana to your Phantom Wallet (when sending from an Exchange or other Wallet), first, click on the "Recieve" button to reveal your wallet address

Select "Solana"

You're going to need SOL to purchase RK.

Click "Copy" for Your Wallet Address

You will use that address for sending SOLANA from your exchange (or other wallet). Simply select $SOL from where you are sending from, such as the exchange, and then "Send" or "Withdraw." You will be prompted to enter a wallet address to send it to. Simply paste the wallet address into that field, and send.

How to Connect to

For Detailed Instructions, please click here: SolPad Connection

How to Buy Ruthless Kitty Tokens

For Detailed Instructions, please click here: Buy Ruthless Kitty ($RK). Please read this section carefully. You are going to want to “CLAIM” the tokens when they are claimable. You will not immediately see the $RK Tokens in your wallet. You must first “Claim” them.