The NFT collection that breaks the barriers.

Copy paste. Copy paste. That’s today’s state of NFT creation. Same code, same cookie-cutter smart contracts. Boring and outdated with no real utility.  Ruthless Kitty™ is more than a badass cat. It’s more than an amazing 3D VR/AR ready NFT. It’s badass development, customization, and cutting-edge code. Our elegantly and exquisitely designed smart contract facilitates some pretty nifty minting options.

Beauty is on the INSIDE.

Mint your assets and get a NFT with some “first ever” features. Like games? Get ready for an incredible gaming opportunity. How Ruthless can you be? The combinations and possibilities are endless, with some exceptionally rare attributes that may surprise you. Ruthless Kitty is being built and deployed with future tech in mind. The NFT assets and collectables are VR/AR capable and ready for a multi-chain adventure. 

We don’t like copy cats, nor should you. That’s not how we roll. We have an innovative and beautifully optimized NFT collection that we think is pretty darn special. The genesis of this project starts with our NFT. And because this is such a crucial element, we are proudly hitting the scene with impressive tech, art and utility to maximize holder value. The game that the NFT unlocks is the cherry on top.