Initial Game Offering

When Lambo?

Soon, frens. Soon. We are going to make this game happen. We are currently evaluating several path options to ensure that this game will absolutely become everything it is meant to be and more. This will be a multiyear project with stunning evolution. The team is committed to investing their own assets, resources and time to making this a reality. Frankly, right now, we are in the final stages of planning how quickly and how hard we want to smack up this little corner of the crytosphere with our mind blowing talent.

Ruthless Kitty™ has the attention of potential early backers, and we want to make certain we are taking the right path for the project. We may not want to take on any early investors (VC firms, etc.). 

The Ruthless Kitty IGO has to make sense for the team and the community. We will inform subscribers before release to the general public, or launch on any of several launchpads that we are evaluating. Be sure to subscribe/follow us on our official channels for first announcement of news/updates on our next move.


IGO Participation

The Ruthless Kitty founder has put together a truly brilliant team that has the talent, connections and resources to move directly to an IGO with full confidence of delivering an incredible product. The team has big ambitions for Ruthless Kitty™ and we are committed to the success and longevity of this project. We are currently considering three methods to IGO participation.  (1) Private Sale, (2) IGO Launchpad and (3) NFT Sales.

This option is best suited for large community backers, VC firms and incubators. We may have an interest in working with a forward thinking firm that has experience in this realm. Let's have a chat if you like what you see and want to see more.

This option may possibly make the most sense for most, but we are not certain whether it does for us. While we acknolwedge the amazing opportunity to work with some very brilliant minds, we have to be mindful of our possibly equally brilliant NFTs. Hmmm...

While there is certainly a chance that nobody finds fiduciary interest in our NFTs, it matters little compared to the the importance of our NFTs to the technology. We have the privilege of working with AR/VR engineers to pioneer cool stuff.