Gameplay & Mechanics

Kitten on a Mission

The Adventure Begins

In this game, you are Ruthless Kitty. You will learn how to move about, pick up objects, and accomplish basic tasks, and it all starts in the barn where Ruthless was born.

There is not much excitement in life as a barn cat with big dreams….

Your first mission is to leave the barn, navigate treacherous trails and fearsome forests, and find your way to Big City. It’s in your hands to help Ruthless Kitty leave the old barn behind, navigate the wilderness, and find his way to Big City.

Hit the Open Trail

Live Hard & Grow Up Fast

You begin your wild adventure as a little barn kitten on a mission. You must find the way to the Big City. Travel through dangerous wildnerness, trails and forests, encountering obstacles & threats, gaining skills and growing into a rough, tough Ruthless Kitty along the way.

Fishin’ & Huntin’ to Gain the Skills that Pay the Bills…

You will see the world through the eyes of a kitten!  Take all the time you like walking around and exploring a deeply immersive, beautiful and highly detailed wilderness trail. Life on the open trail is pretty exciting for this brave little barn kitten.

Sharpen Those Claws

Keep Pests in Check

Ruthless Kitty will encounter pesky critters on his journy to Big City. Kick their rears, smack ’em around, and master essential fighting skills to toughen up.  The more rear-end Ruthless Kitty kicks, the stronger and more agile he becomes!

Nobody said it would be easy.

Look, life on the open trail isn’t easy. It isn’t for the timid, the weak, weenies, fluff-balls, pansies, twerps, ninnies, goobers, goofballs, wannabes, posers, or scaredy cats.

Fresh on the Scene

The City is Yours

You have grown from a naughty little barn kitten to a rough and tough Ruthless Kitty. The real adventure begins now that you’ve found your way to the Big City. S#@ts gonna get real now, buddy.

It feels good to be bad. It feels great to be Ruthless.

Big City is a bustling metropolis with captivating gameplay around every corner. Roam the streets and alleys in a richly detailed and immersive city. 

Take By Force

Be Naughty, Not Nice.

Square off against thugs, street gangs and alley bosses. You must defeat all who challenge you in order to take control of Big City. Welcome to the mean streets.

Stand your ground and don’t back down.

Ruthless Kitty loves a good fight. Face your foes with bare fists, claws, brass knuckles, baseball bats, high velocity projectiles and more. 

Hang Out & Play

Join Other Ruthless Kitties

Hubs are environments within the ecosystem that facilitate multiplayer exchange. Hubs include environments such as casinos, nightclubs, comedy shows, marketplaces, bazaars and music venues.

Step into the Multiplayer Metaverse.

Hubs exist to bridge the primary first person gameplay with an immersive VR world for multiplayer engagement and interaction

Play to Earn

Gamified DeFi

There is no stopping the blockchain. It’s here to stay, and if you want to survive… scratch that… if you want to thrive as Ruthless Kitty, you have to balance work, play and rest. 

Stake Your Loot for More Loot.

Nothing but lint in your pocket? Sleep in a box. Have a paw full of loot, rest in a luxury hotel. Big City is yours for the taking. Stake & trade wisely through in-game DeFi and harvest your rewards.

Enjoy Live Shows

Indie Music Showcase

The Ruthless Kitty™ platform features guest performances by independent artists – comedians and musicians.

Got your ticket for the show? Ruthless Kitty loves independent artists. Step out of your gameplay and into a live performance.