Collaborative Game Assets

Made In-House with Love

Collaborative Game Assets

Made In-House with Love

P2E, Designed with Ruthless Passion

The Ruthless Kitty model is simple – we are licensing a complete, working and proven revenue generating game framework from a AAA Game Studio (press release coming soon), and reworking the game with our NFT Ruthless Kitties as playable characters. The game is a Kill to Earn, Play to Spawn model. The design of Ruthless Kitty originated from a paper 2D sketch and evolved into a digital 2D render. The evolution continued through recreation of the 2D model into 3D with Blender. And from there, a suite of generative 3D AR/VR NFTs was born. These NFTs will be playable in the forthcoming game release. The Ruthless Kitty assets are integrated to make the licensed game our own.

NFTs with Some Serious Game

 Ruthless Kitty®, is more than a badass cat. In fact, it is more than more than a collection of amazing 3D VR/AR ready generative NFTs. It’s badass development, customization, and cutting-edge code. Our elegantly and exquisitely designed NFT assets showcase attention to detail, and these NFTs will fight their way into achieving Big Boss status through integration into our game. The demo below (Play the Demo) is intended to demonstrate the integration of an NFT asset as a playable character. Our NFTs contain specific trait meta-data that the game code uses to assemble the playable character render.

So What's Next, Playa?

We have an extraordinary collection of NFT assets completed and ready for deployment. Aside from a standing out as an innovative approach to NFTs alone, these assets are designed for game integration in mind. Let’s talk a little bit about our roadmap for the game, shall we? Ruthless Kitty is a 3 product ecosystem project, first and foremost. Our ecosystem currency is the token, and our NFT and Game are the value propositions and utility of our token. We are working with a AAA Game Studio to deliver a fully functional, playable, customized P2E game within a few short months after project launch. The game is an arcade style, Battle Royale, where Ruthless Kitties fight to win the other contestants entry fee. It provides quick action and quick winnings.

A Short Time Ago
Ruthless Kitty Generative NFTs
We created some cool 3D AR/VR assets

The Ruthless Kitty NFT assets feature “first ever” features, and will be used in the game as a playable avatars and in-game assets.

Just a Moment Ago
A Unity Game Demo
Sh*ts and Giggles Game Demo

We threw together a quick and easy, just for shits and giggles Ruthless Kitty game demo. You can play this now. We used Unity to put something simple and fun that you can play now, in order to demonstrate the concept of Ruthless Kitty as a game.

Right Now
P2E Game
Happening - Game v.1.0

The Ruthless Kitty team is in discussion with AAA Game Development Studio, Bravo Ready, to be our vendor of choice for providing a fully functioning, fully integrated Kill to Earn, Play to Spawn arcade-style combat game. We will leverage their pre-existing "white label" game solution to get to market quickly, with a framework that will allow us to fully customize the game with our own assets, rebranding it to fit the Ruthless Kitty style and narrative. This move allows us to save on time and development cost, thereby maximizing value for Ruthless Kitty backers and supporters.

Coming Up
Token Launch
Token Launch & Presale

The Ruthless Kitty project is going to market with three (3) core product offerings: The Token, the NFT Collection and the Game. We will release in that order in order to maximize token holder value and ensure the long term success and scalability of the project.

One Week Later
Public Offering
Token Public Offering

After our Private Sale is complete, we will launch our token on Solana DEXs: Jupiter, Raydium an Orca. For more information about, see our TOKEN section of the website.

Q4: 2024
Game Debut
Game v.1.0 Debut

Launch white-label game provided by Bravo Ready, and re-branded customized in-house to public.

Q1: 2025
NFT Collection
Release Ruthless Kitty NFT Collection

OG Ruthless Kitty collection available to the public. See our NFT section for more details and examples of our NFT.

Evolution of Game
Ruthless Kitty Game v.2.0

Rollout of immersive, open-world Ruthless Kitty P2E game, with NFT integration for character and in-game assets.

This is a quick and simple Unity build that we whipped up with some assets and game mechanics templates that we had laying around. 🙂  This is not associated with our Game Studio vendor, and is not reflective of their work. This game demo serves as a proof of concept for integrating our NFT Ruthless Kitty character collection within the game. Please note, this is a WebGL build, intended to play from our computer browser (Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge).

Before you Go... Listen Up.

We are building a community of talented cool cats. Our game audio is produced in house by @Domicello. Wanna play with us? Join the Ruthless Kitty community. Jump on discord and connect with our community manager, Jason.

Last Cat Standing