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It's Time to Get Ruthless!

Hello There, Ruthless...

You Naughty Little Tom Cat

Introducing Ruthless Kitty™ – the cat who gives zero fluffs! Unapologetically un-neutered, this feline renegade isn’t your average tabby. He’s clawed his way through the wild world of crypto, conquering the gnarliest challenges with a ferocity that would make a tiger blush.

Ruthless Kitty doesn’t just walk the walk, he struts it.

Unyielding and unapologetic, he’s not one to purr and play nice. Welcome to the jungle, frens. Ruthless Kitty awaits! 🐾

Ruthless Kitty Project

A Meme with a Dream

Imagine strutting through a digital universe as a 3D VR cat, causing chaos and mayhem. That’s the dream at Ruthless Kitty™. Starting as a coin of culture, our journey begins as a meme with a dream and big ambitions. With cutting-edge NFT tech waiting in the wings, our sights are set on gaming greatness.

Being bad never felt so good. Being Ruthless is the name of the game.

Our project blends old-school vibes with a sprinkle of nostalgia. Explore tokenomics, gameplay, and mechanics in the gameplay section or our whitepaper. Let’s make history, one meme at a time.

Kitten on a Mission

So What’s Up with Ruthless?

Owning the Ruthless Kitty™ token is the first step in taking an epic adventure. Ruthless dreams of escaping the confines of the barn, navigating perilous trails & daunting forests, all to reach the promised land, and make it big.

He can’t do it alone – he needs your help to leave his old life behind and embrace greatness.

By owning Ruthless Kitty tokens, you’re not just a spectator; you’re an active participant in Ruthless’s journey. Join us and be a part of something legendary.

Hit the Open Trail

Live Hard & Grow Up Fast

Strap on your adventure boots, because Ruthless Kitty™ is on a quest to conquer the world – and you’re invited along for the ride! Ruthless Kitty tokens aren’t just for show – they’re the ticket to our future P2E gaming empire. Sure, you don’t have to play the game, but where’s the fun in that? We’re counting on you to dive in and help us shape the gaming landscape of tomorrow!

Join us on a catnip-fueled odyssey through uncharted territory!

Take a sneak peek at our demo game. Sure, it’s not the full enchilada just yet – we’ve still got a mountain of coding to do – but hey, every epic journey starts with a single paw print. Let’s make gaming history together!

Sharpen Those Claws

Keep Pests in Check

Ruthless Kitty will encounter more pests than a hog roast in a Louisana summer. With a swift kick here and a smack there, he’ll master the fine art of critter combat! The secret sauce? The more rear-end Ruthless Kitty kicks, the stronger and more agile he becomes!

It’s like CrossFit, but with fewer burpees and more fur balls.

Now, let’s be real: life on the open trail ain’t for the faint of heart. It’s a jungle out there, and only the fiercest felines need apply. So if you’re a timid twerp, a fragile fluff-ball, or just a plain old scaredy-cat, you might wanna sit this one out. But if you’ve got the grit and the guts, then buckle up, buttercup – adventure awaits!”

Fresh on the Scene

The City is Yours

Congratulations, you’ve leveled up from a mischievous barn kitten to a bona fide Ruthless Kitty! Get ready, because things are about to get real, buddy. It’s like going from sandbox mode to hard mode – this is where the real fun begins.

Put your drink down, because in this city, it’s not just good to be bad – it’s great to be Ruthless.

Let the games begin… From the neon-lit streets to the shadowy alleys, every corner holds a new adventure, and an opportunity for mischief.

Take By Force

Be Naughty, Not Nice.

Get ready to unleash your inner badass with Ruthless Kitty™. In the mean streets, it’s not about being nice – it’s about being naughty. Square off against thugs, street gangs, and alley bosses, and show them who’s the real top cat around town. Welcome to the ultimate showdown!

Ruthless Kitty doesn’t just stand his ground; he owns it. So don’t even think about backing down, unless you’re a pussy-cat (pun intended).

And when it comes to combat, Ruthless Kitty ain’t playing around. Whether it’s bare-fisted brawling, claw-to-claw combat, or bringing out the big guns (literally), he’s ready to rumble. So grab your brass knuckles, sharpen those claws, and get ready to take Big City by storm!

Let's Have Fun

Indie Music & Artist Showcases

The Ruthless Kitty™ platform will feature live performances by independent artists – comedians and musicians. On our platform, it’s not all about saving the world – sometimes, it’s about kicking back and enjoying the show!

It’s like a cat show, but with artists and not, ahem…cats.

Got your ticket for the show? Ruthless Kitty can’t wait to see you there! Whether you’re in the mood to giggle like a school girl or some toe-tapping tunes, we’ve got something for everyone. So step out of your gameplay and into the spotlight – the show’s about to begin.

Hang Out & Play

Join Other Ruthless Kitties

Welcome to the virtual playground where the only thing higher than the stakes are the cats using catnip – we’re not just raising the bar, we’re going on an all night bender and shutting it down. 

We’re building a whole new playground for degenerate gamblers and virtual thrill-seekers alike.

And guess what? We’re not kitten around when we say we’re aiming to bring live music performances straight to your virtual doorstep. It’s like being front row at a concert, but without the overpriced drinks and sticky floors.

Play to Earn

Gamified DeFi

The blockchain train has left the station, and Ruthless Kitty™ is riding it all the way to the top! But hey, even the most badass kitties need to balance work, play, and a catnap or two. Stake your claim and your loot!

Got more lint than loot? It’s cardboard box living for you, my friend.

But if you’re sitting pretty with a paw full of loot, welcome to the lap of luxury! In Big City, the world is your litter box, and staking your loot is the key to unlocking all its treasures. So sharpen those claws, sharpen your strategy, and get ready to stake your claim in the wild world of Ruthless Kitty!

Enjoy This Tasty Treat

A Quick Playable Fight Scene DEMO

Ever wanted to smack some sense into a pack of pesky mutts? Well, now’s your chance! These degenerate dogs have been begging for a lesson in respect, and it’s time to dish it out Ruthless Kitty-style. Whether you’re swinging brass knuckles, a baseball bat, or even packing heat, it’s all about delivering that sweet, sweet justice. And don’t forget to chow down on some tunafish to recharge your batteries – you’ll need all the strength you can get!

We whipped together a mini fight scene demo for you to enjoy while we work to bring the project to life…

But hey, this is just the beginning. We’re just scratching the surface of what’s to come, so b get ready for more fun, more action, and more Ruthless shenanigans!